Our players and the team of helpers shared five days and four nights in a hotel near the beach. The welcome we received in Berck was up to the reputation of the north: warm, friendly, generous and simple. The tournament was a success, both in sporting and human term even though the Swiss got really terrible scores at each match!  But regardless of the score “the Egles” (Mahtieu, Maxime, Ignazio, Jessica, Hervé and Ali) were strong in their tenacity in the face of dominant opponents. They went ahead despite the goals conceded, playing well, complying with the rules, and never giving up against the really overwhelming anddominating opposing team. The Egles are not discouraged!
Yet it was a tough challenge. But they remained on the ground, tirelessly defending the little space left by the

opponent to prevent more scoring. The opponent gave nothing away, not an inch of ground. They played as if team Egles was an adversary matched to their size, their level of play. In fact it would no have been appreciated if they had
played with restraint, without conviction. If they had mercy on us because we lack experience!

They took us on as a Powerchair Football team. Which is what the Egles are now, thanks to this tournament as a baptism of fire and our initiation rite! The refereeing was also without concession. Each fault was punished, the whistle blown in the same way for each side. So, team Egles has been transformed by each minute of play in the matches. The players have forgotten the fear they started with at the first match. The passes and shots were better, the ball play more appropriate. The Egles became more attentive, even avoiding beginners’ mistakes. They learned defensive play. Anyway, they had no choice! Their opponents were quick (in their different type of powerchair) and showed their experience of competition and team play.

So I take my hat off to this team of the Egles which persevered in each game, which did not give up at any time. Knowing failure, even if it is part of the game is always difficult to grasp and understand especially when you are beginner. I wish the Egles well in learning from each experience, even if they think of them as losses or failure, so as to strengthen themselves for the future. Of course I want to thank and congratulate the members of the Thalassa sport education and rehabilitation centre, especially Anthony Morchoisne for hospitality, warmth, and capable organization of the tournament. Indeed, in organizing this day, they simply stepped up to the mark and fully met our needs. I also thank the other teams, from EREEM Berck and Lievin who sportingly participated in this tournament.

Thank you also to Frédéric, Philippe and Jerome who showed versatility, wide adaptability to all situations during the time they spent with the Egles. They set a huge sports complex on fire with their energy, good humour, laughter. There was a wonderful sense of sharing between the players and accompanying persons, and between Veveysans and Ch’tis. Thank you Mathias for your support during this camp. Thank you to our supporter Catherine who was with us, to encourage us before and during this camp. Her sessions of reflexology contributed to the success of this camp. For other fans who have wanted to be with us, do not worry, there will be other opportunities … Thank you to the management team for giving me trust and support throughout the project. Thank you to Christine for support and good ideas. Thank you MSP colleagues who helped us promote Powerchair football and the camp.

Thank you to all at Eglantines, colleagues and residents who have expressed their support and sympathy. Thank you to al those and all those who proudly wear the colours of the Egles. Thank you Denk an Mich to have responded positively to our request for a donation to support us in this direction.

And finally, thank you to the town of Vevey and especially to Mr. Bryois, Head of Youth and Sports, for listening and availability. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. This camp was a success … Berckois (confectionery shop Berckoise). There will be a tournament « at home”. So get ready!

PS: A small thought for our beloved driver.

From Xavier Lefebvre, Switzerland