Dear Friends in FIPFA,Your volunteerism is the catalyst that transforms the values of sport for the disabled into reality in the lives of the players. Thanks to you, the significance of fundamental sporting values is exemplified by tenets of service, responsibility, solidarity, technical expertise and involvement.

Saturday, 5 December 2009 is International Volunteer Day –a day when worldwide the contribution of volunteers to peace, progress and development is celebrated, in the United Nations, in non-governmental organisations, not-for-profit enterprises and foundations. It is important that the effort of all FIPFA Council members, national volunteers, helpers and all elected officials is celebrated. With the agreement of the President, I am writing to express sincere thanks for the voluntary contributions you make to Powerchair Football (power soccer) around the world.

As recently shown on CNN, our sport has become a key element of life and its enjoyment for thousands of athletes by offering exciting tournaments and training opportunities, bringing empowerment and self-development. With FIPFA now recognized as a participant in the Paralympic Movement, it is without a doubt thanks to you who had the vision and made it come to life.

Recognising that we are in the midst of a global financial crisis, the three appointed members of the Secretariat thank you for the trust you have placed in us as personnel of the Federation. We see your steadfast support to our professional work as a sign of good health in a growing organisation. As relative newcomers to FIPFA, we know that its sporting profile is built upon your contributions over the last years. We hope you will continue to entrust us with agreed responsibilities for the future development of the sport and its organisation. And clearly, we acknowledge that you will hold us to account in this respect.

Should you think it appropriate, please pass on collective thanks for their unwavering dedication to all volunteers at every level of our sport –  the local teams, supporters groups, referees, classifiers, committee members, all the NOPFs, the commissions and of course those who make material and financial contributions.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, the skills that you offer and for the quality of a sporting experience unsurpassed in dynamism. They are our only assurance of continued growth and they are the voluntary example which we look up to.

Kevin Grice, Director, Finance and Administration

Terrie Moore, International Relations

Robert Thomson, FIPFA Secretary General