After winning the European champions club award at Douai during the Power Champion’s League last October, Montauban is on his way to winning his 4th French League title in a row. At 6 points ahead of their closet challenger Kerpape, Montauban is destined to be champions yet again. Throughout the season, Montauban has dominated all the competition and looks even stronger than the previous championship teams in year’s past. Their aggressiveness and technical skills are amazing. This European club is truly a dynasty and have reign superior the last 4 seasons. One could compare Montauban to a fine French wine; they only get better with time. The competition for the second place position in the Power Champion’s League is definitely a tight race. As the season has progressed, Kerpape seems to be gaining an advantage. After starting the season very poorly, the « Bretons » have found the spark they lacked early on to compete at a high level. They have been on fire since then, with a shocking upset against Montauban, which is their only lost this year. Vaucresson is still fighting for a chance to qualify.

The two most surprising teams of the league are at the bottom of the rankings. Limoges or Chatenay could move down to Division 2 due to their unexpected poor play this season. During the final stages of league day games, we expect some big games with very high stakes on the line. Montauban is likely to take first but the other rankings are still up for grabs and available for the taken. That’s why this league is the most exciting in the world.

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