Date: March 2007 – Location: Atlanta, USA

Discuss and propose structure of the development commission and how it should function.

Put together a requirements list for a promotional video to be used across the board, as well as one for our future sponsors.

Topic #1 resulted in a document describing: the members of the commission, its mission statement, its role, as well as a list of proposed tools to support development of Powerchair Football. This document also contains a procedure that will need to be followed by the initiators of promotional or development projects. This document will be submitted to the Executive Council for review, amendment and approval.

Topic #2 resulted in a document that describes the specific needs and content we would like to see in the two proposed videos. The goal is to shoot these videos during the upcoming world cup.

We have requested an offer from an American company that has experience with the type of video we are looking for. The video will be available to anybody, athletes, teams, NOPFS, sponsors, or anyone else looking to promote our sport.

Commission for the referre training : The goals for our meeting were as follows:

Amongst other things, we discussed the schedule and content of the upcoming international referee clinic in Paris, 16-20 April, and the mission, composition, and calendar of events for FIPFA’s Referee Commission.

We also agreed that each affiliate member of FIPFA should identify a referee instructor in each country who would be responsible for ensuring that the laws of the game are interpreted and applied uniformly and in accordance with FIPFA’s intent.

A plan was developed which will entail annual training for FIPFA’s top referees and referee instructors with the next event tentatively scheduled for July 2008 in the United States. »