The Americas Zone of FIPFA experienced the historic two days of its first ever international clubs tournament, with the top four teams from both the USA and from Canada. This inaugural Americas Champions Cup was hosted by the US Power Soccer Association and theFernando Foundation in Suwanee (Georgia) with FIFPA sponsorship by EDF and Invacare. The event has given a great chance to players, coaches and referees to provide a new international games experience and to compete each other for the first time. Hopefully, a new way is now opened for the growth of Powerchair Football in USA, Canada and throughout the Americas.

Circle City Rollers, Atlanta Synergy, Sudden Impact, Ball State Cardinals, Team Quebec, North Shore Eagles, Vancouver Lightning and Okanagan Thunderchairs competed during two intense days. After an amazing Pool day on Friday where Atlanta Sinergy and Circle City Rollers lead their own group, Quarter finals put forward the US clubs superiority with a 100% United States Semi Finals. Results were the same as those of the US 2009 National Championships, Atlanta Sinergy and Circle City Rollers dominated again Ball State and Sudden Impact.

This first Americas Champions Cup went to the top level with an amazing final game between the two best teams. But, for the first time, the US Champion 2009 Circle City couldn’t do much faced with Synergy players absolutely impressive, perfect team play. The contest lead to a large victory (4-0) which offers the first tittle of Atlanta Sinergy’s history.

Go to watch again the best moments of the competition by connecting on XABLE official broadcaster of the event.

Special thanks to all those who made of this first Americas Champions Cup a big success. The story is just beginning…

Americas Champions Cup 2009 Results

Pool A
– Vancouver – Atlanta Sinergy : 0-5
– Sudden Impact – Team Quebec : 7-0
-Atlanta Sinergy – Sudden Impact : 0-0
– Vancouver – Team Quebec : 0-4
– Atlanta Sinergy – Team Quebec : 21 – 0
– Vancouver – Sudden Impact : 0-0

Pool B
– Circle City – Okanagan : 13-0
– North Shore – Ball State : 0-4
– Ball State – Circle City : 0-5
– North Shore – Okanagan : 3-0
– Okanagan – Ball State : 0-2
– Circle City – North Shore : 10-0

Quarter Finals
– Sudden Impact – North Shore : 6-0
– Ball State – Vancouver : 2-0
– Atlanta Sinergy – Okanagan : 6-0
– Circle City – Team Quebec : 12-0

– Circle City – Sudden Impact : 2-1
– Atlanta Sinergy – Ball State : 3-0

Third Place Game
– Sudden Impact – Ball State : 4-0

– Atlanta Sinergy – Circle City : 4-0

MVP Player of the tournament: Katie Dickey (Sudden Impact)

Golden Guard : Michael Archer (Circle City Rollers) with 18 goals