Power soccer is very challenging to me because it makes me have to think about every second that I’m on the court and know exactly where to be and when to hit the ball. I have to be able to maneuver my chair very well to be able to place the ball where it needs to be, whether it is passing or scoring. Power soccer has made a big difference in my life. I have become more confident in every aspect of my life. Growing up and watching my sister play softball at a high level, I never through I would be able to do anything like that. Now, the fact that I am part of this high level competitive team is a dream come true. When I play power soccer, I feel so pumped by the challenge of the game and I have learned so much from my teammates, opponents, and my current coach, who happens to be my dad. These individuals make me strive to be a better player and a better person. To be part of the USA National Power Soccer Team is the biggest honor I’ve ever had. Representing my country along with my fellow teammates is so very exciting. You have many opportunities throughout your life but there are some dreams you think you will never get to do. It is still so unbelievable to me to see this dream become a reality.