The Federation Internationale de Powerchair Football (FIPFA), FIPFA’s Americas Zone (PFCA), the US Power Soccer Association (USPSA), Powerchair Football Canada (PFC) and the Fernando Foundation are pleased to announce the inaugural Americas Champions Cup to be held October 23-24, 2009 in Suwanee, Georgia.

The Americas Champions Cup will feature the best powerchair football club teams in the USA and Canada competing in a two day tournament to determine the top club team in the Americas Zone. Each country will select four teams to participate in the Americas Champions Cup through their regional and national competitions.

The Americas Champions Cup is intended to promote international competition, build interest in powerchair football throughout the Americas and develop potential partnerships. The Americas Champions Cup will also provide international match experience for players, coaches and referees as they prepare for the Powerchair Football World Cup in 2011.

The Americas Champions Cup will be hosted by the Fernando Foundation, an organization based out of Duluth, Georgia, committed to the growth of powerchair football in the US and abroad. Suwanee Sports Academy has been the host facility for many premier powerchair football events including the IPFA Power Soccer Summit in 2006 and the USPSA National Championships in 2008.

Please direct all inquiries about this event to: Jonathan Newman, Americas Zone President at: